The Preparation Process

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Most bakeries make their icing as a separate process from when they actually apply it to the cupcakes – usually the night before. The frosting will be mixed in a large mixer and then transferred to storage containers until it is needed for the frosting process. Then, when it’s time to frost the cupcakes, the frosting has to be moved again from the storage container to the piping bag. This process creates unnecessary handling of the frosting. It also slows down the frosting process by frequently requiring the baker to stop frosting and refill the piping bag.

The EZFrost machine makes the entire process faster and more efficient. You no longer have to double handle the frosting and there is less time wasted during the frosting process. At the time the frosting is made, the loading canister makes it easy to fill the frosting bags that will later be used directly in the machine. Each bag holds about twice as much frosting as a typical large piping bag. The bags filled with frosting can then be stored until they are needed for the frosting process.