The History

The EZFrost MachineThe Frosting ProcessThe Preparation ProcessThe History

machineThe EZ Frost cupcake frosting machine was invented by Lewis Belknap.

His primary objective was to find a way to eliminate employee fatigue and repetitive motion injuries due to continually squeezing the piping bag during the frosting process. He was also interested in shortening the learning curve and making the frosting process more efficient.

The EZFrost has accomplished these objectives and more. For additional information on the benefits you can enjoy from owning an EZFrost machine go to our “Why EZFrost” section.

Belknap Automation, the makers of EZFrost, is dedicated to providing you with a quality frosting machine that will give you years of trouble free service. In addition, we are equally committed to providing outstanding customer service to ensure buying and owning your EZFrost machine is a pleasure.