The EZFrost machine is true to its name. It’s an easy way to frost cupcakes. This professional bakery machine greatly increases productivity in ways that reduce waste and speeds up the frosting process.

  • machineLess wasted motion: Bags are pre-filled during the preparation process that eliminates handling the frosting twice; once when moving the frosting from the mixer into storage containers and then again when moving it from the storage containers to the piping bag. With EZFrost you only handle it once; taking it straight from the mixer to the bags that will be used in the EZFrost machine.
  • Faster and less frequent replenishment: dropping another pre-filled bag into the machine is much faster than refilling a piping bag. In addition, the EZFrost bags hold twice as much frosting as the typical large piping bag. This means you can go twice as long before having to stop and reload the frosting.
  • Faster learning curve: with the piping bag process a new employee has to learn how to squeeze the piping bag, control the flow and make a pretty cupcake all at the same time. With the EZFrost machine the employee can concentrate on the decorating part since the machine does the rest.
  • Less waste: most bakeries frost all of their cupcakes in the morning since the piping process requires extra skill. This creates two problems. First, if you sell out early the frosting employee may not be available to frost more cupcakes resulting in lost sales. Secondly, if you don’t sell all your cupcakes that day you not only have lost the cake but the frosting as well. This adds significant cost since the frosting is the most costly part of the cupcake. Because of the faster learning curve with the EZFrost machine, you can frost fewer cupcakes in the morning and have another employee frost more later in the day if necessary.
  • Less mess: filling the piping bags is a messy process. With EZFrost you can drop a pre-filled bag into the machine, let the machine push all of the frosting out of the bag, remove the empty bag and replace it with another pre-filled bag.
  • Less fatigue and stress on hands and arms: let’s face it; squeezing the piping bag for long periods of time creates fatigue and the potential for repetitive motion injuries. Fatigue alone can cause employees to be less productive; not to mention the cost to your business of a single carpal tunnel injury.

Each new EZFrost machine comes with everything needed for the frosting process. Each and every piece has been designed to reduce waste and cost making your business more productive and profitable.