The company has been sold and is moving from Tennessee to the Midwest, please be patient as we undergo change of ownership.

Save Time. Save Money.

Welcome to the EZFrost Revolution! EZFrost is a brand new one of a kind frosting machine that will revolutionize the way you do business. For the first time ever, the art of cupcake frosting has been perfected. EZFrost will decrease your mess and increase your productivity! Create the perfect cupcake on a daily basis; keeping your customers satisfied and your employees thankful! We believe EZFrost is going to truly change your business! You’ll have your employees fully trained and ready to use the machine in just a few days! We saw a need in our industry and dedicated hundreds of hours of research to create the perfect cupcake frosting machine. EZFrost gives you the power to create your unique product in very little time. Start the revolution today and see what EZFrost can do for you!