Frequently Asked Questions About the EZFrost Machine

Q. How do I start and stop the flow of icing?

A: The machine is controlled with a foot pedal. When you step on the foot pedal it starts the frosting flowing. It will continue flowing as long as you hold the foot pedal down. As soon as you release the foot pedal the flow of frosting stops.

Q.Can I control how fast the frosting flows?

A: Yes. There is a speed control dial on the front of the machine. There is a wide range of speed, from very slow to faster than most people can frost.

Q.How do I switch from one flavor of frosting to another?

A: Switching frosting is easy. Simply remove the bag of frosting you are through with and discard it if it’s empty. If it still has frosting in it put the entire bag, with the frosting in it, inside another plastic bag and store it to be used later. Clean or replace the frosting tip assembly. Put a bag of the new frosting in the machine and you’re ready to go.

Q.Will the standard frosting tips fit on the machine or do I have to buy specialized tips from you?

A: The EZFrost machine is designed to use the standard frosting tips. You can buy tips from any vendor you choose. We recommend the larger tips.

Q.Does each new machine come complete with everything I need?

A: Yes. Each new EZFrost machine comes with everything needed for the frosting process. Also included are two loading canisters used for filling the frosting bags and 1,000 frosting bags.

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