The Frosting Process

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The frosting process can be one of the most challenging aspects of baking. Your hands are tasked with the challenge of squeezing icing from a bag, controlling the speed at which the frosting flows, and decorating – all at the same time. The EZFrost machine has been designed to make the process less challenging and allow the decorator to focus completely on the decorating part. It reduces fatigue and the risk of repetitive motion injuries, as well as making the frosting process faster and more efficient.

Frosting your cupcakes is as easy as dropping a bag of frosting filled during the preparation process into the machine, attaching the frosting tip of your choice, and stepping on the foot pedal to start the flow of frosting. The EZFrost machine comes with several frosting tips to get you up and running. However, it has been designed to use any of the standard frosting tips normally used with piping bags. This allows you to use any specialized tips to give your cupcakes your signature look. We recommend using the large frosting tips.

The machine comes with a foot pedal that controls the flow of frosting. Stepping on the foot pedal starts the flow. When you release the foot pedal the flow stops. It’s that easy. You no longer have to squeeze a bag to start and stop the flow of frosting – just step on the foot pedal.

For ultimate control over the process there is a speed control dial on the front of the machine. By simply turning this dial you can control how quickly the frosting flows. This allows those using the EZFrost machine to frost cupcakes quickly, or slow the process down for delicate jobs and designs, or during the learning process.