The EZFrost Machine

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machineWhile the frosting process might be the final step in creating a cupcake, to many it is also the most important part. The icing that tops off any cupcake is the most expensive part of the product. It can also be the most demanding and require the most skill to apply.

Historically decorators have received very little aid from their frosting equipment. That is where EZFrost has stepped in. the EZFrost machine is true to its name. It is an easy way to frost cupcakes.

This professional bakery machine eliminates the need to squeeze the piping bag and reduces fatigue and the risk of repetitive motion injuries. It still allows full artistic freedom so you can give your cupcakes the look you want. In addition, it greatly increases productivity in a way that reduces waste and quickens the frosting process. Each and every piece of the EZFrost machine has been designed to make the frosting process a little easier and your business more profitable.

Each EZFrost machine comes complete with everything you need to start improving the efficiency of your bakery and save your employees from fatigue and potential injury.