Business Advantages of EZFrost


The result is an exceptionally lower incidence of bakery-worker CTS emanating from using traditional icing-bags to frost cupcakes and other cake/pastry items.  In addition to improved worker health, your firm benefits from a much diminished WC-liability.   Lost work-hours due to employee illness add to your business expenses while lowering operating efficiency; employees who leave the job because of injury or lawsuit also take with them work experience that requires costly job training to replace.  OSHA itself recommends bakeries at least try using cake decorating methods requiring less reliance on conventional, manual frosting-bags.
EZFrost can significantly reduce the number and severity of injuries in bakeries.  EZFrost provides the advantage of cost efficient labor and production scheduling, plus diminished incidence of worker-fatigue, CTS and other illnesses.  The danger of icing becoming contaminated by bacteria is also reduced, generating a safer, more efficient workplace and healthier cupcakes.


Introduction of EZFrost will also improve your firm’s enterprise resource planning system (ERPS).  Fewer workers can frost more cupcakes with EZFrost, and there is less wasted frosting than with traditional icing bags, cutting operational costs for worker salaries, energy-used, and supplies for production.  As most bakery business expenses rise — consider current prices for flour, sugar or energy, for instance — use of EZFrost helps control production costs, while improving product quality and consistency.

Applying EZFrost should improve workflow-throughput as well, possibly between 20%-35% in those cases where a majority of baked goods require frosting for completion.  Here again, your processing costs will decline as productivity grows, savings you can pass on to customers.

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March 10, 2016